Field Trips of the XXI Inqua Congress "A Mediterranean perspective on Quaternary Sciences", Rome 14th-20th July 2023

Pleistocene slope, shallow-marine and continental deposits of eastern central Italy wedge-top basin: a record of sea-level changes and mountain building

Claudio Di Celma1, Andrea Artoni2, Danica Jablonská1, Elisa Mammoliti1, Michele Malavolta1, Michela Principi1, Mauro Caffau3, Petros Didaskalou1 & Gino Cantalamessa1

Volume: 15 (1.3)/2023
Pages: 1-75

Quaternary deformations, palaeosols and strata across the Northern Apennines

Anna Andreetta1, Marco Benvenuti1, Daniele Maestrelli1, Stefano Carnicelli1 & Federico Sani1

Volume: 15 (1.4)/2023
Pages: 1-47

Rome before Rome: a river among two volcanoes. Discovering the relationship between the history of the city and the territory

Marco Pantaloni1, Maurizio Guerra1, Fabiana Console1 & Paolo Primerano1

Volume: 15 (1.5)/2023
Pages: 1-66

When tectonics and climate take over: Quaternary depositional history of extensional Tuscan basins

Adele Bertini1, Andrea Brogi2 & Enrico Capezzuoli1

Volume: 15 (2.1)/2023
Pages: 1-60

LGM glacial and glaciofluvial environments in a tectonically active area (southeastern Alps)

Giovanni Monegato1, Alessandro Fontana2, Paolo Mozzi2, Maria Eliana Poli3, Giulia Patricelli3, Lukas Rettig2 & Sandro Rossato1

Volume: 15 (2.2)/2023
Pages: 1-50