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Geological Field Trips and Maps - vol. 2.2 2023

Vol. 15 (2.2)/2023

LGM glacial and glaciofluvial environments in a tectonically active area (southeastern Alps)

POST-4 – Post-congress Field Trip of the XXI Inqua Congress "A Mediterranean perspective on Quaternary Sciences", Rome 14th-20th July 2023

Giovanni Monegato1, Alessandro Fontana2, Paolo Mozzi2, Maria Eliana Poli3, Giulia Patricelli3, Lukas Rettig2 & Sandro Rossato1
Pages: 1-50
Geological Field Trips and Maps - vol. 1.1 2018

Vol. 10 (1.1)/2018

Past to present deformation of the central-eastern Southern Alps: from the foreland to the Giudicarie belt

2017 Annual Meeting of the Structural Geology Italian Group (GIGS) of the Italian Geological Society

Alfio Viganò, Dario Zampieri, Sandro Rossato, Silvana Martin, Luigi Selli, Giacomo Prosser, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Paolo Campedel, Fabio Fedrizzi, Marco Franceschi & Manuel Rigo
Pages: 1-78