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Geological Field Trips and Maps - vol. 2.2 2022

Vol. 14 (2.2)/2022

The Tethyan and Tyrrhenian margin record of the Central Apennines: a guide with insights from stratigraphy, tectonics, and hydrogeology

"Field workshop: from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Central Apennine front" organised by GeoSed - Italian Association for Sedimentary Geology, the section of the Italian Geological Society, 19th-23rd July 2021.

Giovanni Luca Cardello1, Laura Tomassetti2, Irene Cornacchia3, Alessandro Mancini4, Marco Mancini5, Ilaria Mazzini5, Giovanni Rusciadelli6, Enrico Capezzuoli7, Valeria Lorenzi8, Marco Petitta8, Gian Paolo Cavinato5, Odoardo Girotti8 & Marco Brandano5,8
Pages: 1-113
Geological Field Trips and Maps - vol. 2.3 2020

Vol. 12 (2.3)/2020

The submarine dune field of the Bolognano Fm: depositional processes and the carbonate reservoir potential (Chattian to Burdigalian, Majella Carbonate Platform)

Tidalites 2021 - 10th Congress of Tidal Sedimentology. Matera, Italy, 5-7 October 2021. Field Trip T6 – Central Apennine – Maiella.

Marco Brandano (1,2), Laura Tomassetti (1), Irene Cornacchia (3), Fabio Trippetta (1), Luis Pomar (4) & Lorenzo Petracchini (2)
Pages: 1-42