Domenico Tacchia



Domenico Tacchia as head of the cartographic sector of the Geological Survey of Italy carried out the direction and coordination of the official geological cartography of Italy under the law 2.2.60 n. 68 and  the related publications. He defined the analogical / numerical procedures, the technical regulations and the directives on cartographic and editorial quality standards of the new series of Geological Maps of Italy, scale 1: 50.000 (CARG Project) as well as the technical specifications and final validation of different types of geo-thematic maps to be published. He represented the Geological Survey of Italy in relations with other official Italian cartographic bodies.

He followed the cartographic coordination of all the geological-thematic maps 1: 50,000 published from 1997 to today, around 240 geo-thematic maps for an extension that approaches the half of the surface of the Italian territory.
He is the author of publications and articles on Italian geological-thematic cartography and he followed the cartographic coordination of the Geological Maps of Italy on a small scale (1: 1,250,000 geological and gravimetric; 1: 1,000,000 geological and 1: 250,000 geological of the seas Italian).
Keywords: Geological Maps of Italy, cartography, geological and geo-thematic cartography, CARG Project, Italian official cartographic body.

 Address: ISPRA - Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale
Dipartimento per il Servizio Geologico d'Italia
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Geomorfologia e Geologia del Quaternario
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