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Andrea Zanchi graduated in Geological Sciences in 1984 in Milano, and he got his PHD in 1989 in structural geology on fault analysis and paleostress reconstruction, working on the opening of the Gulf of California. In 1989, he was in Paris working with several experts in the field on paleostress reconstruction by means of seismological and seismotectonic data.

His research interests and expertise mainly concern field geology devoted to the geological exploration, mapping and structural analyses of Mesozoic-Cenozoic orogenic belts. He spent most of his research activities in the study of remote areas of Central Asia and Middle East, (Karakoram, SE and N Pamir, Iran, Siria and Turkey) through international projects (Ev-K2, GETS, ALARM, Peri-Tetys, MEBE and DARIUS).

He developed in the past, in the frame of the gOcad consortium, geometrical techniques for the 3D reconstruction of complex geological bodies.

He is also actively working on the fold and thrust belt of the Italian Southern Alps on the study and dating of Alpine deformations and on inversion tectonics with special reference to the role of the Permian and Jurassic extension. He has been working since 2000 in the CARG Italian National project with the Bozen Autonomous Province as a survey director for the Merano, San Leonardo and Vipiteno 1:50,000 scale geological maps of Italy, for the structural aspects.

He is full professor in Structural Geology at the University of Milano-Bicocca since 2006 and was President of its School of Science between 2012 and 2018. He is now vice-president of the Italian Geological Society since 2018 and Director of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Bicocca. He published about 80 papers in ISI journals and several geological maps.

Keywords: Tectonics, structural geology, geological mapping, Southern Alps, Iran

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