Geological Field Trips and Maps - vol. 2.5 2019

Volume 11 (2.5)/2019

The geological structure of the Emilia-Tuscany Northern Apennines and Alpi Apuane

Gruppo Italiano di Geologia Strutturale – Riunione Annuale GIGS 2018, Centro di Geotecnologie, San Giovanni Valdarno (AR), 12-14 giugno 2018

DOI: - Pages: 1-78

Paolo Conti (1,2), Gianluca Cornamusini (1,2), Luigi Carmignani (2) & Giancarlo Molli (3)

(1) - Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, della Terra e dell'Ambiente, Università di Siena, Via Laterina, 8, Siena (Italy).
(2) - Centro di Geotecnologie, Università di Siena, Via Vetri Vecchi, 34, San Giovanni Valdarno (AR, Italy).
(3) - Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Università di Pisa, Via S. Maria, Pisa (Italy).
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The aim of this excursion is to give a concise but complete picture of the evolution of the Italian Northern Apennines in the Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna regions and in the Alpi Apuane area. This excursion-book includes a short outline of the stratigraphic and tectonic evolution of units cropping out in the Northern Apennines and the description of itineraries and stops. The excursion is divided in two days: a) the first day is dedicated to the tectonics of the Emilia-Tuscany Northern Apennines in the area of Abetone, Pievepelago, Radici Pass, discussing the relationships between the Tuscan Nappe, the Modino unit and the Cervarola units; b) the second day will focus on the tectonics of the Alpi Apuane Metamorphic Complex, and in more detail structures developed in the central part of the Alpi Apuane, with examples of superposition of compressional and extensional uplift-related structures. We wish you an interesting and enjoyable excursion!


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