About the Journal

Geological Field Trips and Maps (GFT&M) is an especial international journal edited by the Italian Geological Society and the Geological Service of Italy - ISPRA. The journal was born in 2009 to encourage the publication of original field trips and excursions held during congresses and workshops with the purpose of saving and promoting a cultural heritage that often remains known only to the participants in the event.

The online open source presentation favours to address a large audience, with the aim of disseminating and making available various field trips in areas of great geological interest.

In the last years, field and mapping activities, accompanied by the interruption of the Italian national mapping CARG Project, have undergone a dangerous slowdown, often observed in traditional academic research and teaching activities. The GFT&M therefore wants to stimulate the return to field research, enhancing its content and products at an international level, facilitating access and knowledge of all those areas that provide information for the understanding of geological aspects from the small to large scale.

The intent of the magazine is also to make available field geology to a wide national and international public, combining the description of itineraries of interest to the cartographic representation of specific areas.

The editorial staff includes specialists from different disciplines operating in Italy and throughout the world, and welcomes international research activities carried out both by Italian and foreign authors.

In the next future, the GFT&M will open to the on line publication of original geological and thematic maps with short notes. Maps will concern any possible subject related to the Earth Sciences with special emphasis to innovative techniques and applications.