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Geological Field Trips and Maps - vol. 2.1 2023

Vol. 15 (2.1)/2023

When tectonics and climate take over: Quaternary depositional history of extensional Tuscan basins

POST-2 – Post-congress Field Trip of the XXI Inqua Congress "A Mediterranean perspective on Quaternary Sciences", Rome 14th-20th July 2023

Adele Bertini1, Andrea Brogi2 & Enrico Capezzuoli1
Pages: 1-60
Geological Field Trips and Maps - vol. 1.2 2022

Vol. 14 (1.2)/2022

The Bay of Mont Saint Michel. Sedimentary facies, morphodynamics and Holocene evolution of a hypertidal coastal system

Field trip organized for the Tidalites 2012 Conference (Caen, France) and the International Meeting of Sedimentology 2017 (Toulouse, France)

Bernadette Tessier1, Pierre Weill1, Isabelle Billeaud1,2, Lucille Furgerot1, Sonia Campos-Soto1, Dominique Mouazé1, Bruno Caline2 & Chantal Bonnot-Courtois3,†
Pages: 1-39